Learning from Our Mistakes

Loved this piece from Open Forum ​Granted, there are probably as many reasons for startup failure as there are startups, but here are nine common mistakes to avoid, along with some hard-earned wisdom from entrepreneurs who know from experience how debilitating those mistakes can be. 1. Allowing Love to Make You Stupid In his early 20s, when Alfredo Atanacio was traveling frequently on business between … Continue reading Learning from Our Mistakes

Fix The Crack to Your Success

​If you’ve spent enough time in the workforce, you almost certainly have a trail of damaged professional relationships behind you. That doesn’t mean you’re a bad manager or employee; it’s simply a fact that some people don’t get along, and when we have to rely on each other (to finish the report, to execute the campaign, to close the deal), there are bound to be … Continue reading Fix The Crack to Your Success

Wealth Code

Previously posted by STEVE TOBAK Author of Real Leaders Don’t Follow on  On Entrepreneur. ​Reach beyond your grasp. Perhaps the most brilliant advice in history is Robert Browning’s famous quote, “A man’s reach should exceed his grasp.” A woman’s, too. If you want to be successful, you have to consistently strive to tackle tough problems and do great work. There are no wealthy slackers. None. Make … Continue reading Wealth Code

Avoiding Self Limitation.

​What’s the first vision that pops into your mind when I ask you to imagine yourself as…   Unstoppable?   As a kid, you might have fantasized of a superpower you wish you had. Mine was always the ability to fly! The adult you might visualize adream business, lifestyle,relationship, state of well-being, or financial freedom. But as kids we also used to dream relentlessly. We got excited about stuff we pursued. Even … Continue reading Avoiding Self Limitation.