Maverick Branding.

A brand is more than a perception; it is more of what people want to believe about what you produce. The Pepsi brand took off compared to the mighty coke because it was seen as “American” which Asians didn’t want to be associated with since America was wrong on all aspects.

I love the strategic way the Mercedes Motor Company is a different story whereby they decided to go with the car that is “All round: safety, Luxury and sheer performance.” The result was that it was branded the most luxurious vehicle including the mighty Maybach that has been termed the most advanced luxury vehicle that redefines luxury standards.

The economic might of marketing dollars of Victoria Lingerie brands couldn’t beat Ultimo Bra’s by UK’s entrepreneur Michelle Mone’s innovative marketing method. This is what makes small companies excel in midst of a crowded market or markets that seem to have a dominant player.

Development of a brand requires certain aspects that enable it to stand out!  A sense of urgency, a guiding coalition/team strength, a blue print of the way forward, communication channels both inbound and outbound communication, development of a taking action culture, in-house pace setting goals/milestones, consolidating gains and eventually harnessing all the above “new approaches” into a new culture.

In pushing for change a frost status quo is the main hindrance/drawback in the pursuit for next level achievement. The status quo was what almost hindered the futuristic development of Apple Technologies. It also caused the sucking of Steve Jobs from a company he founded and still what brought him back. He later on proceeded on getting rid of it before it got rid of him again. He undertook a series of activities and top of them all he got rid of the Apple Museum. Thereafter he brought in new people and his recent “baby” Pixar which was later bought out by Disney. The move made Apple grow in years from near recession to vibrancy.

Development of a strong team with diverse strength is what sets apart “great” corporations from “good” ones. Apple, Mercedes, Bombardier & Gulf Stream, Rolls Royce Phantom are renown for having the best of skills and creative minds in their set fields. Audi is my ultimate team development company, its “TT coupe” plant works with mostly “silver liners.” These are the people who have proven themselves in any aspect of automobile assembly cum manufacturing.

Strategy, Singapore simply had USA=2010(Competitive Strategy C.K. Prahalad) this simply means Singapore to match USA’s economy by 2010. Strategy is Microsoft’s, “to put a desktop on every desk.” Strategy isn’t vague it’s detailed. It is clear as Libra sun. It details what is to be attained by when, what is to be achieved by when and how.

Communication is the flow of information both in and out. The need to know principle gives a glimpse of what is functional and what isn’t by means of what is needed to be told to the public and what isn’t. Telling all loses the magic. Barley when processed turns brown or crystal gold. However Guinness is black beating all and making the marvel its selling point with “its secret brewing formula” that is generational or Coca-Cola’s “secret ingredient.”

Development of a take action culture. In Kenya’s Safaricom, Facebook, Microsoft and  West Coast Customs (a leading car fabrication/customizing company), the companies embrace take charge/employee empowerment whereby they can implement  innovative ideas in their departments in order to increase the results the company can get. This is rewarded with stock options and also other incentives. At least the rewards are seen as compared to companies with immense bureaucracy.

The setting up of Short Wins increases morale of employees. The achievement of pre-set short-term goals boosts the morale. A long term goal say five-ten years may push employees back to a state of complacency/frost of status quo. However short term wins plummets the employees towards setting up of another short term win or towards another pre-set goal.

Ever wondered how wealthy businessmen go from liquid to near bankruptcy and plummet back to their original or even higher status? I call it culture or intrinsic motivation that keeps them glued to a particular system that continuously guarantees them wins! Consolidating gains and eventually harnessing all the above “new approaches” into a new culture gives us a feel of ownership. That eventually sets the tone for continuous excellent performance.


No journey is complete without some crazy-jacks. These are those people that are either have an ego size of panama whose way has to be adopted or not or snakes that distill fear and doubts in team spirit eroding the trust fabric. I have my way and I have my doubts with people. However I know when to take a back seat and when to assume a leadership role. Branding is leadership of the market call what you want but a market leader is they who sets the pace and ultimately leads in the dollars department! Ultimately it is more due to intrinsic motivations rather than external urges (Padrino 2016/7). I rest my case!

Post by Charles Wahome

A Business Development Enthusisast


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