Becoming the Corporate Shark

The animal kingdom is one of the most unique and heirachical system ever built. “The under water division” is one of dominance. There is a  faster fish than the shark there is a more larger one but every single time when we hear the deep seas we know of The Shark. The most dominant in the seas rather the high seas.

1. Bones Vs. Cartilage – Outer Structure

While most fish have bony skeletons, sharks have cartilaginous skeletons made up of cartilage or gristle and no bones. Sharks are not the only fish with this sort of skeletons.

Having a skeleton made of gristle instead of bone helps make sharks flexible and relatively light. Sharks have lots of muscle in addition to their lighter skeleton and that gives them a lot of strength and speed. These factors aid them in hunting prey and keeping their spot at the top of the food chain. 

Flexibility and light weight (not to many structural caps) enables an organisation to have the leading edge in terms of adaptability to the outside world.

2. Bladders and Livers

Fish generally have something called a swim bladder that is filled with air and makes them buoyant so that they float in the water even if they stop swimming. This in turn makes them massively complacent.

Sharks on the other hand do not have these. Instead, have specially developed livers that are less dense than most animals and contain a large amount of oil. This makes it easier for them swim and makes them faster than other fish. If a shark stops swimming, it will slowly sink to the bottom of the ocean.

Oil in the corporate world is funds and a brand reputation to maintain. Hence it creates an enabling environment for innovation. However this comes with a contingency. Case study of blackberry Corp they became complacent and Iphone overtook it as The business phone. Hence once you have become renown for something don’t get sloppy keep moving. Keep innovating.

3. Body Shape: Texture of the Skin: Location of the Gills and Gill Slits

Most fish have oval-shaped heads when viewed from the front while sharks’ heads have a more triangular appearance. Additionally, the difference in the pectoral fins is more obvious from the front with the shark’s being well developed to help with swimming while fish tend to have smaller, less functional pectoral fins.

Sharks, however, are also different and are covered by dermal denticles which are composed of material similar to teeth. The unique composition of these reduces drag and make it easier for sharks to swim quickly and quietly. Again we see that the shark is indeed designed to be a fierce hunter. Nature made shark skin so efficient

The location of the gills and gill slits are different as well. A sharks gill slits are usually located behind their head while other fish have their gills behind the operculum, a bony flap that protects the gills. Some sharks who live on the ocean floor and spend a great deal of time with their mouths buried in the sand take in water through an opening on the top of their head called a spiracle. 

A leading edge and advanced but simplified hence easy to understand structural organisation enables corporations to be more smoother and efficient in their operations and businesses endavours giving them the leading edge every single time.

Posted by 

Charles Wahome 

Product Management Consultant 


ManSys Global Limited


To those wondering what Product Management Consulting is:

Product management Consulting is the lifecycle management of a company’s product/s dealing with:

  • Planning, 
  • Forecasting, and production, or 
  • Marketing of a product/s at all stages of the product lifecycle [Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) integrates people, data, proceses and business systems.]

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