The Journey to ManSys Finale

Friday morning It is not yet daylight. Something is unsettling something is giving me questions yet I get up to push another day. Every other day. My push od what is pushing me is a vision that has settled into the Subconscious.

The life of a young entrepreneur is one of questions un answered, mentors who fail to correct you when you make a mistake leaving you to sought yourself out and family been against anything you come up with. 

As a young Entrepreneur I went through all this and knew that there is someone somewhere who underwent this and put the solution in open light and will I not leave my dream like a sinking ship.

  1. Read Books on your Area of Expertise.

Drucker the management theorist guru is one of my favourite  ones he emphasises on setting a line between personal and Business. Never mix this two aspects. But!

Dale Carnegie on the other side says Business deals are Relationships on a Personal level. Mmmmh….. let me explain when undertaking business with someone most would prefer to work with those they know on a personal level. Since personally from my perspective the basis of Trust is a crossed bridge. 

Here comes, Marc Cuban he says do something you love but draw the line between Business and Personal. 

2. Mentors aren’t only 1st party but also indirect. I had a mentor though he was a strategist not in line with my goals of been a business/Entrepreneur. Though through him I learnt that through books you not only get to learn a new concept but also get to merge your mind with theirs and once you expand your mind it never regains it’s original capacity. It’s non elastic.
Once someone approached me and I tell them about that concept, they started on the path towards pursuing their dreams. Ninety Percent of them come back with one question how do I penetrate the Market. This is where ManSys Global Limited came to be. My mother always had this problem of how to get her products into the market

My Mentor super investor and Chairman Berkshire Hathaway Warren Buffet says, “Always solve a problem and success is guaranteed.”

ManSys is a fully fledged Product and Brand Management, Business coaching & development firm. I take ideas and grow them. Turning dreams into reality. In the words of my mentor, Floyd Money Mayweather, “When I leave I want to be remembered as The Best Ever” Merge this with my own, “When I leave I want to be remembered as The Best Ever. Not just best business but best Entreprenure. The best Ever.” Is it hubris no! It is the words of John C Maxwell, “the hallmark of every successful Leader is a legacy. “Ensure you are good at what you do and ensure you love it. For this is what shall enable you to serve before great men and not mere people…..”the bible. 

Today I shall leave you with the words of my three favourite mentors, be the best you can possibly be and focus on you…….”Bilha Ngigi. “Have your eyes on the bigger picture never lose sight of it. It is what shall keep you going even when giving up is the best solution forsee able……” Mr Anderson M.   & “…….I believe you can succeed because you have undeniable faith in yourself.” My mum.

Blessings on blessings this weekend.

Charles Chambers Wahome 

Executive Director

ManSys Global Limited


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