The Journey To ManSys Part Two

It is a habit, it is a lifestyle. All round it is a way I believe it is success.

So 2013 straight out of high school and I was given my first capital to start a Dog business. It was love funding. I hadn’t done any research or case study, I was just given an idea and just followed it.

Lessons #1: Research Your Venture

It is believed lack of preparation is the beginning of all flops. We have to be very picky with the kind of businesses we trudge into. Analyze in and out on; market, source and day to day requirements. 

The dog business wanted hands on day to day presence.  Which was an uphill task for me. I wanted to undertake something that will give me freedom of time.

Lesson #2: Business is Time

Starting it and staying on the sidelines expecting it to grow  is hogwash that only applies to stock traders. Every other craft requires proper time investment. The Dog business crumpled under my feet when I got an opportunity to be a Corporate Logistics Consultant came knocking in 2014.

Lesson #3. Most Successful Entrepreneurs higher other Skilled Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs.

At Ibis I was a tortoise in a rabbit race ( remember the story of tortoise and hare? Yes it is what am referring to). At Ibis we were two young under 26 guys and older more experienced managers who always kept reminding us we were their Son’s ages (eeeeh). The unique thing was the way the director always hired people with passion, curiosity and skill. As I came to learn that is the success triage.

This is why;

Passion puts you in a position of instant pursuit and search ofnew and more current  knowledge and overall puts you in sync with motivation to keep on.

Curiosity is what makes you want to know more and learn

Skill is the ability to combine all three factors and run it to completion.


Lesson #5: Let no man or Woman take you for granted.

Letting anyone take you for granted is key. When you put your time and priorities first you shall be at peace with yourself. Then sync them with the person you are in collaboration with and you shall have unlimited zeal to make it work. If you come in as a consultant, let no one turn you into the office messenger. If you let it happen your concious shall give you hell. I did and it made me loose sleep till I decided my dreams and craft come first then tables turned.
Lesson#6 Massive prayer.

Pray – pray – pray. It gives you something to hold onto an unspoken promise from The Creator and this gives you that edge in fighting for your aspirations.
Till Friday 

Blogged by 

Charles Wahome 

Product Management Consultant 

At ManSys Limited. 


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