8 Life Pro Tips

As at prsuit a success development site. I loved their life hack. So I decided to reshare; Pick and adjust.

Everyone has their various bright life pro tips  or life hacks that help them get things done faster and presumably more effectively.

Those are great and certainly practical for the average person but I wanted to craft a list for a certain group of driven individuals. Those people who are creating, dreaming and doing.

So, here are 8 quick life pro tips that I have used in my own life as I create, build and grow.

1. Like to listen to music while you work but find it distracting? Listen to video game soundtracks instead. They were produced to function as background music and not disrupt focus.

2. Place a light behind your computer monitor when working at night. It is called bias lightingand will reduce eyestrain at night.

3. If you need professional looking photos of a small item, use the white backdrop of your bathtub (seriously).

4. To best proofread your own work, change the font to something you would not normally use. This allows you to be more critical.

bonus: paste it into Google Translate and click on the speaker icon to have it read to you in order to notice mistakes.

5. Use the Pomodoro Techniquefor improved productivity – 25 minutes on, 5 minutes. After 4 cycles take a longer break.

6. Don’t have time to read entire books? Save time by reading book summaries.

7. Need to quickly cool down hot coffee? Simply pour it from one cup to an other a few times (assuming you have another cup handy). This keeps you from waiting or having to dilute your beverage if you are in a hurry.

8. Working from home? Get dressed up as if you were heading to the office. Your mind will switch to work mode (and stay there).

Charles Wahome
Product & Brand Management Consultant at Zinjaka & Cee Consultancy Limited


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