Sailing to Success

Problems shall crop up from every end as you race to the top. All sort of oops and more oooops big or small; irreversible or reversible with stain all the  same Problems Build Achievers and Buries the rest. I know of a man who lost his job had an already a bit grown daughter and a t the moment one had been born simply put he had a young family and the problem wamted to sink him but he swam. Fast forward now he is among the most successful men of his generation.
P. S He is an avid reader of my blog

How did he do that and how can you, shall teach you in 3 phases

Phase One: Decompress

Decompressing After A Stressful Ordeal

Regardless of what you do in life or for a living, there will inevitably be times when you end up feeling stressed or overwhelmed – after all, everyone deals with stress from time to time, and the primary issue, when it comes to stress, is not whether you deal with it, but what you do afterward.

When stress hits you, you can end up getting set back several days when you don’t take steps to take care of the problem; in order to overcome the negative effects of stress, you need to learn how to decompress.

Going to a place where you can be alone is the first step of decompressing after stress has hit you; do not just go to “any place,” however – you should have a place that is a “safe” place for you (whether in your room, in your yard, in your car, or somewhere away from home), and this is the place you should turn to when you need to decompress.

Silence is usually the best way to decompress, but many people find that music helps them as well; choose a “decompression” song (or “decompression” songs) that you can listen to whenever the need arises. This should be a song that causes you to relax, rather than one that causes you to get more excited or tense!

As you escape to your decompression place and enjoy your silence or your music, you also need to pay attention to your breathing; you will notice, if you pay attention, that your heart rate and your breathing will be sped up when you are stressed, but you can counter these by focusing on your breathing and making sure you are taking deep, full breaths.

While it is rare that you will be able to control all the external factors that can cause stress to come upon you, you can control the way in which you react to this stress, and when you learn to take the proper “decompression steps,” you will put yourself in much better shape for overcoming stress every time it arises.

Charles Wahome is a Product Management Consultant
(Adopted from Zehb Habits)

Charles Chambers
Lifestyle & Product Management Consultant
twitter; cc_wahome
Instagram; wealthmogul


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