Enhancing Change and Pursuing Accelerated Growth

This week I got my hands on a wonderful success manual. Tycoon by Peter Jones. His main drive is to show us how to turn dreams into millions.

Change is the aspect in every business that states if the business shall or shall not grow.
Firstly; Always push your business to improve the quality of product and service plus quality of customer service provided.
Empower your team to embrace change and see it’s benefits.

We should embrace change via;
Consider what’s not been done and and how to make things better.

An individual should also evaluate why changes need to occur and in earth the root of the problem.

Always brainstorm and pinpoint areas that need to change in the business to avoid similar problems.

Explain need for change to the team and implement decision from a collective decision not a forced one of your desire.

That’s soughted now it’s on to growing your empire by accelerated growth. This isnt some selling lingua but some tried and tested. The man who wrote this has walked this journey for some decades (since he was 17 [3 & 3/10]).
Built a company from scratch to £14Million in a year.


Firstly smoothern out the creases as fast as they appear. Do avoid duplication and compounding of mistakes.
In scaling up, a re-investment strategy in key areas to accelerate the growth.

Evaluate and review results regularly and pay keen and proper attention to detail.
Use SWOT ANALYSIS, regular reporting. This is the comparison of financial forecasts with regular measurements against targets.
Hold weekly meetings in order to deal with issues as they arise

Reach outside your comfort zones this leads to enhancing effective areas and improve less productive areas.

Build intrinsic value and give yourself feedback which you should put it into action and to grow faster to achieve the best of greatness.

Yours truly.

Charles Chambers
Lifestyle & Product Management Consultant
twitter; cc_wahome
Instagram; wealthmogul


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