Goal Setting ~ Goal Attainment.

The year is eighteen days old and nothing worthwhile has happened? Does it seem impossible to follow through on something for every imaginable reason. Worry no more.

Goal Setting is simply the plan of execution of dreams but woth deadlinea. Simply put; Dreams with deadlines. “I wanna lose weight” that’s not a goal. That’s more or less a mantra. Neither is “I wanna become a millionaire this year”. Goals should be more or less all about definition and timelines. Note: should be full of positivity/Conviction not possibility.  Hence goals should be more or less; “I will lose 20kilograms by November 29.” Definition is 20Kgs, Timeline is November 29th. Positivity/Conviction is, “I will”
Set priorities. Prioritize what you want as per your long term dream. Priorities determine the possibility of attaining what you have set out for yourself due to the reaching out for your “claim”
Set Performance goals not outcome goals this is also achieved with definition. E.g I wanna be financially independent by November 20th by offering more quality services.
The term realistic hits me and am left to answer if there is anything to with hold you. What happens is we ought to see it long term and have inner faith.
Break down goals this is in order to attain a higher level of focus;
Career, this are the goals in regards to your skills and expertise or businesses.
Financial, saving, increase of investment, percentages. This is the clause letting you set you financial focus and put it into perspective.
Education/Skill; set the standards for your skill. Constantly improving and becoming indispensable is a hallmark of successful person. Earning the relevant skill will put you infront of your competition. Set a goal of how you will constantly add an extra skill.
Family; what do you wanna achieve in regards ro those you regard to as family by blood, loyalty or whatever definition you give it.
Artistic; Gaining some artistry skills is a bonus for anyone. Note that if your skill is in the artistic field it resonates in the career part. Though there isn’t a lack of an artistic doing that you are missing.
Attitude; all about state of mind. One’s state of mind should be always set and reset in order to attain success. Via books, relevant relations and all one will become conversant in this field.
Physical; how are you fairing health wise and how is your self esteem doing in regards to you physical state. Sort it out via having a goal for it.
Pleasure; work hard, play hard. Having proper financial goals and hoarding it is evil. Not supporting the tourism economy and other hospitality industries is not fair. Also ideas are rejuvenated in a different setting appart from one which one is used to. Set a goal of where to visit when and with whom.
Social/Charity works; be sure to  give back. God gives us loans and the only way he expects us to pay hin back is by giving. He set the bar at 10% but it won’t hurt going all the way to 20-30%. Give and I’ll shall receive in full measure shaken and overflowing. Though give with an open heart with no expectation of receiving it back.

Note that you ought not to bring down your goal to match society or your work ethic. Make your work ethic to match your goal and let no one tell you or guide you away from your goal. It’s yours hold onto the vision and don’t wait for a 100% degrees of sunshine work with even 5% of it and God shall grant you the desires of your heart.

Charles Chambers
The Luxury King
twitter; cc_wahome
Instagram; wealthmogul


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