Breaking Barriers Attaining the King’s Throne

In life who we later become is like a lump of clay on the ground just before it is placed on the porters wheel. The end result will be determined by the people we sorround ourselves with and those who we let mould us.
Jay-Z love for music came about due to his parents love for music as they had a large vinyl collection and out of that the to be legend developed love for music with soul, citing Hathaway and Marvin Gaye as his inspirations.

Joseph Mwenda threw his hut into the ring of “fight for thy dream” in 2008 by competing in the Pilsner Mfalme Dj Competition and emerging 2nd place. Relentlessly he came back in 2010, conquered the competition and went ahead to copyright his King status: Dj Joe Mfalme.

Jay-Z and Mfalme my not be related neither are they in the same skill set but both have two things in common; they set the pace and also have passion “insignia ‘d” In their work.  Looking up to Dj Pinye the Icons of Kenya’s Dj industry and also Dj Jazzy Jeff’s Wheels of steel he worked on their style till he came up with his own fuse that blew the competition million miles away. From one show on capital Fm to almost 4 per week not forgetting international shows.

This is no small feat. Battling out stigma of Dj’s which was predominant in his hay days and also a crowded market that fizzled out. Code Red was the truth but his skill of playing any kind of music with minimal margin of error and also what the crowd wants to hear, Gets him booked on shows even international Deejays would want but can only look forward to.

Mfalme wasn’t my idol when I was in High school but while I am pursuing my dreams of becoming a greater and greater business, (not a businessman). I look to him for some hard earned advise cutting my learning cycle in half or more.
Simply put; Passion in the process is required, show excellence in whatever you do and always have a plan. Floyd mayweather was the 49-0 record holding boxer he only put his time into boxing and boxing promotion  (Mayweather Promotions). Battling winter nights running and keeping himself in best of shape and all.  Don’t be everywhere unless you are Warren Buffet investor coz Floyd’s things not boxing are investments. So curve out your niche and make sure you master your craft. It’s free to dream but the price tag for that Rolls Royce is hard work determination a single eye (focus) and be open.
Thanks Mfalme. We need more like you jn this nation. Never know you might be or are to some of us the level of David Guetta.
Io credo che quando Dio mette la sua mano su di te il diavolo è a bada.

Charles Chambers
The Luxury King


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