The Power of Having a Visionary Lady

He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the LORD. (Proverbs)
Behind every successful man is a woman? If so, do these successful men only want their women behind them or are they OK with the women in their life being beside them or even in front of them?
Most men I know are intimidated by strong, successful women because they have the belief, and they have been raised to believe, that being the head of the household automatically defaults to them, simply because they were born a man.
Women who are independent and career driven understand a man that is also independent and career driven, and have ambitious life goals.
Therefore men who have this belief are intimidated by women who are more successful than them. This will cause problems in relationships when either party feels inferior or less of a contributor, because of the other person’s success.

4 Must-Have Qualities.
It is true: You can marry into more money in five minutes than you can make in a lifetime.

But, that can only happen if you are able to attract a wealthy and successful person in your life. Life is full of options and opportunities.

This reigns supreme in the love department, where it seems like there is endless variety, but a lot of dead ends (and there’s probably a good reason for that).

Believe it or not, success plays a huge role in how attractive you are and how attractive someone will be to you — especially when it comes to highly successful people.

Although it is great to identify exactly the type of partner you wish to have, nothing will come true if you don’t become the type of person who would attract that kind of partner. It is especially true when you’re looking for a success-driven partner.

Let’s face it: No one wants a slacker for a partner, and why should they? People want someone who’s going places.

Below is a short list of things that I find attractive as an entrepreneur — hell, people, in general, find these qualities attractive.

1. Having Your Sh*t Together

Struggling to keep the electricity on because you play more than you work is a sign of immaturity. Skipping a bill because you’d rather play that new video game is irresponsible and a red flag.

The same goes for work: Missing days because you did too many hard drugs or just didn’t feel like it is no excuse, and ultimately, it’s not going to get you anywhere in life.

As an entrepreneur with multiple projects going on that all need close and continuous attention, I just cannot afford distractions.

Your chances of dating the next Mark Zuckerburg or Donald Trump are slim if you have too much drama in your life. When successful people look to date, they look to find someone who doesn’t have additional baggage that will hold them back in life.

2. Ambition for Greater Things

The most important quality in a woman for me is her ambition. In fact, it’s so important that without it, you’re probably not going to get very far.

Successful people want to see the same ambitious qualities in another person. Why? Because ambition means getting ahead.

Without the drive to be something better or improve your situation, you’ll end up stuck in the same spot for the remainder of life. Successful people find this as a major turn-off and will avoid people without ambition.

A common trait among highly successful people is their goals and aspirations always come first in life. Trump even said, “It’s hard for a woman to compete with my business.”

You’re less likely to have petty arguments in a relationship if both parties have big goals and dreams they can work toward. The reason for that is because large goals are going to focus your time and energy on achieving them, rather than finding time to complain and argue.

3. Respect for Money

The woman I marry must respect money, and more importantly she must want me to make tons of it. It may not be conventional, but I want a woman who is going to encourage me to take advantage of every single opportunity there is in the market place.

Instead of complaining about me working too hard, I want my woman to ask why I didn’t stay at the office an hour or two more.

The truth is, if you don’t respect money, it’s very unlikely you’ll ever stay in a long relationship with someone who has money, much less have money for yourself.

Wasting money on payday loans and frivolous purchases is a deal breaker. It shows you have no idea how to handle money from meeting a deadline to budgeting.

4. Taking Risks

A caveat of life is the sheer risk you take simply by living it. Just walking on the sidewalk could be dangerous at times; you could get mugged, hit by a car or assaulted. Still, there are times you should always take risks.

Taking a calculated risk and attempting to better yourself is a good, attractive quality. It shows confidence and the will to try and better yourself. Sitting at home on a couch with a bag of nacho chips shows quite the opposite.

If you don’t take risks, you’ll never advance anywhere in life.

Those are four qualities successful people are likely to find attractive. Why? Because they took the same advice themselves to get where they are. Even if they had a huge helping hand starting out, they still had to maintain and keep driving forward.

Without these skills and mindsets, you’re likely to find yourself snagging leftovers and people who have made themselves victims. The question, at the moment, would be, do you want to be with someone like you?

If you say no for any reason that relates to the fact that you’re not where you want to be in life, it’s a good time to start thinking about altering your attributes.

Instead of felling inferior because of the other person’s success, why don’t support and encourage each other to grow? So fellas, instead of feeling insecure because of your woman’s success, here are reasons why you will be glad that you have a successful woman in your life.
Women who are independent and career driven understand a man that is also independent and career driven, and have ambitious life goals.
She understands your drive and your desire to have more, be more, and do more. She will support you because she understands the effort and sacrifice that it takes to pursue a worthwhile goal. She will be there to give you words of encouragement when you need them.
Because she is ambitious and driven, and understands what it takes to pursue a worthwhile goal, she will be a great person to share your ideas and get valuable feedback from. She will be your mastermind partner. The person that can give you a different perspective on things, and different ways in which you can move your projects forward.
Because she wants more for herself, she will encourage you to want more for yourself, and she will help out in any way that she can.
When you pull your resources together you will have more of everything. More money, more vacations, nicer homes, nicer cars and who don’t want that? Not only will she be your life partner, she will also be your business partner, your friend. A special someone to share those special moments with, someone to create life long memories.
You will have someone that you can have a meaningful conversation with. Not just about sports, but you can converse about current events or even a new business venture that you have been considering. This avoids one of the major reasons that most relationships will not survive, because after the sex is over there is nothing left in common to share. Fellas this is what keeps you engaged beyond her physical beauty. She represents herself well, and in doing so represents you well, whether it’s putting on jeans and t-shirt to go to a ball game or going to a business meeting.
She is opinionated and you love that about her, because she is not afraid of speaking her mind, and standing up for what she believes in, and she will represent you in the same manner.
Successful and independent women do not need or want a man to define who they are as a person. They want a man who is willing to support them, and be by their side, but not to define who and what they are. Successful and independent women are not dependent upon men, because they have a life of their own, and they are too busy creating and living life on their terms.
A lot of men seem to want a woman who is submissive, one who is totally dependent upon them, and one who waits to be told what to do, and when to do it. When these men meet strong independent successful women who does not fit into that category they have a tendency to become intimidated.
Being successful does not happen by accident. To be successful in any area of life one has to develop certain disciplines and habits. Those disciplines and habits that she has acquired will spill over into the relationship, and she will work hard at keeping the relationship alive.
She is committed, dedicated, and loyal — however she is decisive and knows exactly what she wants, so she is not willing to put up with foolishness.
Nobody really wants a yes man or a yes woman. A person who has a mind of their own and can make decisions on their won is definitely a more interesting person to be around. A woman who is her own person is definitely more engaging.
An ambitious man a woman who is independent and secure in herself engages and challenges us in multiple ways. When she grows as a person and therefore becomes more successful in her endeavors, our egos kick in and we are encouraged to step up our game and be just as productive, if not more productive, than our partner.
An independent and secure woman will make an independent and secure man better, because she will encourage him to grow, and therefore he will become a better friend, lover, husband, father and just an all-around better man.
So fellas it doesn’t matter where you now. If you want to step up your game and become a more successful all-around person, you need a successful and independent woman in your life.

Charles Chambers
The Luxury King


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