Aspects of Quality

Every product has a selling point. This is something that makes it stand out from every other brand in the market. Someone once told me what sets one brand apart from another, I knew not. Then the same person asked what do you see when the product doesn’t appeal to you: Price.
Make the customer overlook price by offering exceptional value. This is pretty much possible by presenting certain aspects better than any other. I’ll share with you how I turned a hobby to most people that turned me to wearing tailor made suits. Yeah that’s right.
Aspect #1


What are its operating characteristics. If you selling me a subaru don’t sell me the dream (that’s Range Rover territory) sell me durability and on road capabilities. If you are in the service industry sell un matched professionalism.

Aspect #2


What are the services offered? Next year I wanna buy a Porsche. So when I walk into that show room they better tell me that what it has better than the Range Rover. This is what happy customers preach on your behalf. “I had Dj Joe Mfalme at my party. He kept people dancing and hyped.” That’s a selling point. That’s a feature.
For most companies I run. I use my name because they know Chambers is ultimate quality.

Aspect #3.


What trust does your client have in your service. If you are keen on the Kenyan telecommunication trend, kenyans tend to prefer safaricom’s “unfair” services unlike Airtels or any other service provide because Safaricom has stuck to it’s philosophy and hasn’t been in constant shift. (No lie)

Aspect #4.


Meets standards of the target market. Know your market and produce service or products that meet their inner know how of standards and exceed them whenever possible.

Aspect #5.

Service Ability.

How problem prone are your services. If you are a distributor how can you beat problem of delayed production. If you are a musician how can you handle lights going out when you are performing on stage.
In a Toyota you’ll have to constantly change brakes if you are a fast driver. In a Mercedes or other European brand you won’t because that’s the job it’s made for. So a keen client will rather pay the  extra coins in order to enjoy fast/precision driving.

Aspect #6.

Timeliness & Accuracy.

How exact are your services or product. Today it is great, tomorrow it is good back to great. Have some consistency. This is where we as Kenyans are beaten by foreign brands. A tom ford bag will not match Kenyan quality at times but finishing will always give you the feeling to always go back to tom ford. Accuracy and timeliness is sticking to schedules and overall standards and breaking the standards for a higher standard every other time.

Charles Chambers
The Luxury King


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