The Rules of Wealth.

Getting to the top is a series of bolts & nuts cork & screw….. We all want to get to the top the only way we know how is through covulted versions. I’ll pass on some lessons from my mentor.
1. The Mind.
In early stages of my blog I have incessantly emphasised on the mind it is the greatest hub of development as I believe.
2. Brand You.
Brand yourself because business is all about relationships. Success comes to the man who can connect idea to plan to execution. This is only possible when and only when the owner of an idea is keen on having a legion of influential friends and having such key people equals having a winning personality the can resonate with. That’s your brand.
3. Win your battles before you have fought them.
Napoleon always insisted that the best armies are those that win the battle in the training grounds. Work on been the best there is. Achievers say “be the best money can buy.” ISTI a company I highly honour puts it this way, “when the customer doesn’t see value, they see price”
4. Confidence.
Anything great you have will crumble like a mud house if you don’t have the confidence and courage to take you & your brand to the next level. Believe in you and everyone else will.
5. Your Appearance is as important.
Good suits and dressing is key. Wearing faded clothes is as sure as been put on the waiting list. Great dressing will put you on another level the winning circle and this my friend are people who are never on the waiting list, the are always on the priority list.
6. Take control of your own Responsibility.
Take a look at the persn in the mirror every morning and say “You (pointing at the person in the mirror) are the only reason between success & failure & there’s no in between.” God himself hates 50/50 people.
7. Think & Win Big.
Daymond John (Founder & CEO of FUBU) says, “It takes the same effort to dream big as it is to dream small.” Thinking big is as sure as winning big because there’s no way you will win big if you thought small in the first place.
8. Be the Man not the Odds.
We all can use logic to sell a product,  those who adjust to emotional intelligence gathered in regards to their prospects will come out on top.
9. Keep your composure.
Pressure makes diamonds only when one doesn’t let the pressure get to them.
10. Make others successful and add Value and you too wil be.
11. Winners Make No Excuses, when the otherside plays the game.
12. Always fix Problems the best way possible.


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