The Magical Formula for Winning.

“From the historians we get to learn what not to do and what to do better, ” Jordan Belford. Do you read Napoleon’s war conquests or fall of  Mairia Antoinette?  Valuable lessons that have immense value.
Marc Lamonas taught me a lot on how to save failing businesses and build an empire out of saving and correcting some minor details;

1. People
Ensure you have an A-Team. This are the people who are required in order to keep the proverbial wheels turning. Constantly audit your people and keep them in check. If you only bother with them when there is a customer complaint or other problem you’re in for big trouble. Train your people frequently, know their level of satisfaction and have methods in place to determine their attitudes and efficiency.

2. Process.
It all starts at the conception stage product/service development then moves along to hiring of employees, marketing, accounting etc. Simply think of all that’s required for a business plan.
Get audited for your process. Identify a winning model that works for your company and constantly check on your process to ensire it’s efficiency.

3. Product.
Ensure you re keen on quality,  branding and having a winning strategy. Tweak the process and the people involved with the product. With a successful product you’ve won.

Serial Entrepreneur


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