The Magic Questions.

In business creativity we all hit a slump. The in-evitable desert of lack of creativity.  It happens but it can become quite in the past if we ask ourselves some key questions that will force us to become quite creative. They include;
1. What do you want to improve? The question is always what can I improve about my product’s aspects or is it generally.

2. What is the problem Objective, Problem or Goal?
I used to have an issue with maintaining my goals. I used to reach somewhere and felt complacency since it was kind of my comfort zone. This question forced me to think harder and broader.

3. What is the Present Condition/Situation.
Where is the tide of trends at which commodity is trending and how can I get my product there.

4. Who or what caused it?  Why? When? Where? How?
This expounds on your new found idea on present condition. This is key especially if you think of it from a business sense.

5. What,  may/can/should/must be done about it?
We ought to consider if the way forward is do able in what urgency if it is to be done instantly or with considerations or with utmost caution.

6. Who should do it?

7. Why is an improvement needed? When?
8. How do you think the object, Product, Plan, method should be improved.

9. In what way can the improvement be made more desirable or better.

10. Can what you want be made compact.

11. Can you make improvements by decreasing number of parts or increasing or maintaining.

12. Improvements by combining. Combining a system of works such as in am assembly line certain functions to be done at one point.

13. What can you add to improve value
This brings about terms such as value pack. Value added etc.

14. What can you eliminate to improve efficiency.

15. Can you improve by increasing speed

16. Can you improve by improving safety,  quality and decreasing rejects by reducing speed

17. How can you maintain a strong team

18. Can you make what you want to improve easier to obtain, use, apply.
This is by simplifying and making it less expensive.

19. How can one magnify desirable qualities.

20. Can one improve distribution and supply location.

Make it a routine and it will became an unconscious thought process. This is key in ascertaining if it so happens.

Serial Entrepreneur


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