Money & Mind Relationship.

We tend to do the exact opposite of our expectations or desires either consciously or sub-consciously. It is said that the mind (as we had originally pressed about) is the hub of every innovation. We later discussed about Money perceptions.
Today we will combine the two and see how money and the mind co-relate and co-exist creating a realm of thought producing behaviour that ends up in a successful person “wealth wise”
1. Begin by Changing Yourself.
Where you have reached is surely not where you have always wanted to be. So if you wanna become a millionaire or billionaire change within is necessitated. This is in overall bettering yourself to be one who attracts better associates who will help you attain your goal.
2. Clear Limiting Beliefs.
Write all your thoughts about money. Look out for words that you may use that reflect limitation in your mind e.g “You can’t Afford it” it’s hard to make money in this Economy” among other negative phrases also expressions such as  “Stinking Rich” that put money in the negative this makes you develop Money Blocks and once you are aware of them clean them out. Write an opposite statement next to the negative one.

3. Have Affirmations.
Regularly enforce positive thoughts about money. This is by saying phrases such as “I feel rich.” Say it till you believe it.

4. Dream Big.
Create a movie like picture of the kind of life you want. Imagine the mansions and also the cars among other items you so desire. & soon enough you’ll begin to attract ideas, resources, people, events who will help & facilitate achievement of your money and other goals

5. Be Ready to Pay the Price first for receiving money.
Equip yourself with: the best degree, hard work and specialised skill then you will be rewarded accordingly. Resently I met an Icon Churchill. He leaves home at 4/5am for a radio show, at 7 he is at Carnivore bearing in mind he has ran errands practically the whole day, leaves carnivores at 11pm/12am then at 4/5am he’s in for the radio show. Dj Joe Mfalme has mastered the art of crowd entertaining he isn’t just a Dj he is a crowd puller (quite good at it),  and he keeps you entertained. The list goes on and on Warren Buffet, David Guetta, P.Diddy(Sean Combs) this are people who have a reputation for working till late and with every ounce in their been. Follow suite.

6. Have a goal and clear Vision
The universe is willing to give you what you want but you have to be specific on what you want and be willing to pay for it. Simply put “law of course and effect.”

7. Let Money circulate freely. Don’t restrict the flow of money by hoarding it.
Like energy it can’t be chained it needs to move freely in order to sustain itself. Holding back payments due to others by clinging tightly prevents the free flow of energy, and thus the flow of money. The advantage of doing this it opens a supply source of money, you will also be sending a signal to your subconscious that,  “you have belief and positive faith in abudance.
Now you know. Go forth and speak and act accordingly and the rain of prosperity will pour unto you.
P.s no B.S

Serial Entrepreneur


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