Relating With Money.

I used to remember been told, “always keep your next move under you sleeve and in your head and nowhere near your mouth. ” That alone was a money principle that I hadn’t obeyed for quite a while till I started doing business. I’ll share with you 10more.
1. Think of Money as a Universal Power. Money wants to be related to as a foundational support for possibilities.
2. Relate to it as a means not a end. Money more or else is a means. Means to you driving that Porsche means to you buying that house means to you doing so much more.
3. Don’t be Possessed. Don’t be Possessed about money such that when there is a lack you feel un easy and when there’s abudance you feel complacent let it never change you at all.
4. Don’t Chase it. Just like a lady money loves to be attracted so don’t chase money but appreciate principles of success.
5. See it’s Higher Purpose. Not only see money but also what you will get when you attain wealth.
6. Be Organized. Organization allows for the free flow of money. This allows one to work efficiently and also show desire to succeed. Passion is also evident in organization.
7. Have money goals and absorb oneself in the process that Generates it.
8. Let money flow. Don’t hoard it. The reason why spenders are never short of money is because they obey money’s unique law either consciously or unconsciously.
9. Show Enthusiasm about Work. Be enthusiastic about what you do show passion in it through and through and in a short while you will succeed.
10. Faith. Show faith throughout and let it not waiver at all. This will keep you in sync with what goal you want to achieve.

Serial Entrepreneur


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