Becoming The Wolf of Your Street.

Many have traversed many institutions in order to gain the expertise to dorminate their industries. This is quite possible if only you do it the right way.
1. Execute on Ideas. Identify what that your competition is not offering and execute on it. Take a piece of paper and list down all that you have noticed your competition is not doing and know how you can fill the gap.
2. Simplify. Jargons and mambo jambos seem as the norm but the minute you simply everything from your process to the product and systems you will be way ahead.
3. Put Together a Loyal Team. Family members are not the only people who will give you undying loyalty but also friends who you will offer them something and you will not only earn their undying loyalty but fierce loyalty like Kenny Greene and Danny Porush had for Jordan Belfort.
4. Diversify Competence. Get someone who complements you on skill and weaknesses. This will enable you two to be a great combination.
5. Dress for Success. Simply: Dress like the person you want to meet.
6. Gather Intelligence on Rivals and Competition. (Rivals & Competition).
Befriend people from the competition’s fold they may be employees and get intel on their next move and be able to execute before the competition.
7. Guard Your Intelligence. Guard your winning factor. This has put businesses such as coke ahead of the fact. Retain and guard fiercely what you do better than your competition from them. This keeps you ahead of the pack.
8. Create a Brand. This entails your core values,  reputation for domething; quality, timelines among others.
9. As a leader, lead by example. Jordan Belfort(Wolfie) emphasised on certain things but also kept it going by doing it himself.
10. Keep People dependent on you. Keeping people dependent on you is a sure winner. You’ll retain powerful and strong team. Who will not be poached by the competition
11. Provide Incentives for Hard Work. Napoleon Bonaparte said, “men love toys”
Many successful people rewarded their team. This raises their morale to work for you.

Serial Entrepreneur


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