The Ways To Extreme Achievement.

Peter Voogd taught me somewhat valuable insight on what to do different from the Successful people. Here are the things you should and shouldn’t be doing in order to get to the top.

Stop doing dumb stuff. Watching T.V the whole day and you wanna become the most successful businessman not even a script writter is a shame you should probably re-organize your mindset.
Doing Dumb stuff also includes not been on course with your goals and targets,  for sure this will get you loses and not goals.

Having clarity of mindBe clear on what you want. Wanting to make a million dollars is not a goal it is a lie to yourself. On the other hand, Wanting to make 5million dollars, a month in 5 years is a sure goal. Note that this has thre elements; the amount – fixed inclusive of currency, the frequency, and deadline. This will give the mind and forces of the earth something to work on.

Confidence. Set big goals for they will push you to heights you couldn’t imagine. It will also place you ahead of the pack. Your mind and earth vibrational forces will work and put you on the roller-coaster to success. It also leads to betterment in the long term.

Circle of Influence. Who’s your buddy. Ninety percent of your time should be with those who put you on toes in regards to your goals nothing else. So the five (5) people who you spend your day with should be key in achieving you set objectives. This is in terms of vision drive and their own achievements. If you stay with lepers you will find you begin to limp.

Consistency of Energy and Motivation. Find a way to motivate yourself and re boost your drive and energy. This will keep you feeling vibrant and focused.

Have a Ritual. What works for you and what doesn’t. A ritual is a series or sequence of actions that enable one to achieve a certain objective. Running in the morning clears my head right after I blog. Maybe yours will be working between set timelines. We are all different but a success oriented ritual is a sure thing.

Continual Growth. Have no complacency and always keep your eyes on the six musts. This will enable you to be sure of your expectations and be set on achieving your goals and re setting new ones. This will give you that edge that few can attain.

Serial Entrepreneur


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