Pablo Escobar world’s most Renown Illegal Businessman.

Morning achievers,
As promised Pablo Escobar is coming to you pressed in stately fashion. What I learnt from world’s greatest Narcotics trafficker surely are game changing I must say.

Always have a bigger vision. When Chilean Chemist Mateo Moreno went to him wanting smuggling from Peru to Colombia. Escobar tells him,  “You don’t have vision my friend if it is 10USD  here imagine how much it’s worth in Miami. A grand vision is wht will set you apart from the pack. It will let you lead the wolves and champions
Keep a Positive Public Image
Pablo wanted to become President of Colombia this ment he had to mantain a positive public Image. He literally handed out cash in the streets. This made him be revered by many.
As a businessperson be sure to let people see you positively.
Network and Know your Connections
Escobar teamed up with those who would help him attain his goals. During his campaigns he teamed up with Valeria Vélez a journalist who helped him get positive press.
Know who you need,  who are the cash kings and associate woth them. Who are the influencers of your industry and role with them.
Hold your Pride at Bay
He never mentioned his name with justo or in pursuit of exerting presence he used it in order to gain networks.
Pride will lose you opportunities and influencers so keep it under wraps no matter how hard.
Work Smart-Work Less Make More
Sub-contract, sub hire automate and you’ll be headed for the stars in your profession or industry.
Every Business Takes Serious Work
One has to work the hours and days in order to attain epitome/echelons of their industry. This will set you apart and give you an added advantage.
Take on More Worth It Risks. It Pays
More risks equals more rewards. Buying shares worth ten thousands will not reap the same as that of a hundred thousand and that of a hundred thousand will not reap the same as that of a million.

Go out and make it happen.

Serial Entrepreneur


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