Business Lessons From Jay-Z.

I grew up been banned from listening to any hip-hop. That’s for sure. I had no clue what it was, whatsoever. But at 16 years I got a copy of Dish and Saw this big picture of Jay-Z and I was amazed. So my curiosity took the better part of me. “Who can buy such an expensive ring for their lady? ” “how did he make so much money? ”  “how can I also join his circle of successes? ”
Been more than just a great rapper/musician, he is a business Mogul and one of the smartest at that. Some of what I have learnt include;
1. Brand yourself.
One of my favourite quotes from Jay-Z is I’m not a businessman I am a business man! ”  He understands all his revenues amd profits would falter if his name was not attached. This is since he created an enormous brand around himself hence wherever he is. Money follows him.
Branding your business or craft is important in enabling you to take it everywhere you go.
2. Be mentored and get a mentor.
Jay-Z did not become a success overnight. He was mentored by the likes of Clark Kent, Damon Dash and others who helped him. Though the opportunities to speak with their mentor’s was rare he absorbed as much info as he could.
Regardless of where you are in life, look up to those who are better than you.
3. The art of Negotiation.
Always know how to sell,  negotiate and close deals otherwise business will be tough. Growing up as a drug peddler he was able to negotiate with the best of them.
Seeking funding,  trying to get a new client, it’s all about how sharp your  negotiation skills are. You can do everything right but without knowing how to sell your “brand” nothing will bear fruit.
4. Focus on the Numbers.
No one can argue with pure statistics, data and facts. Despite all the remarks and questions he always says,  “check the data facts and statistics how many records have I sold….. ” this zips you up.
Business revolve around data so use that to your advantage.
5. Focus on the Money
Try and make a dollar out of anything. This way you’ll stay relevant in business for a mighty long time. Jay-Z always goes after those businesses that will make him money. If something is making you money focus on that rather than looking for other ways to expand and grow..

Go out and reap the wisdom of those that have preceeded us and may you come back with truck loads of cash for your benefit.
Next we’ll indulge in business lessons from Pablo Escobar.

Serial Entrepreneur


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