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Lessons From the Ant

The Ant.
Ants typically bring out anger in me. They scuttle their creepy black bodies across my kitchen counter in what appears to be a haphazard maze of infiltration and it immediately incites me to squish them while swearing at them to get out. I admit this is not very tolerant of me but I simply do not appreciate the invasion.

The other morning while my thumb was poised to do yet another frustrated counter squish, a phrase popped into my head out of the blue; “Know thy enemy.” It’s from General Sun Tzu’s The Art of War. I decided to take his advice and do some research and soon found my dislike of ants giving way to a curious respect for the philosophy they live by.

I’ve since become convinced that if we could embrace some of the ideologies that these tiny creatures are humbly living every day (when they’re not being squished by intolerant people like me), we would find ourselves learning to be a more efficient and cooperative society. And one that does less harm to its natural environment. These little critters have a thing or two to teach us if we only pay attention.

All for one and one for all

To start with, everybody in the ant world is important. Each ant specializes in a certain task within the colony whether it be guarding the queen, foraging for food, or removing the waste. Yet, the ants operate as one seamless organism. This is a great example of individuality being essential to the overall function of a society and yet it does not usurp it. One could call this perfect social balance.

No rules, no boss

According to Deborah Gordon, an ecologist with Stanford University, the ant colony has a decentralized structure. There are no set rules and no-one gives the orders. There is a queen but only in the sense that she lays eggs and is the nurturer of the colony. She gives no commands. Can you imagine existing in a society where no -one has to run the show because the respect for each other working towards a common goal is enough to make it work?

Ant wisdom to remember every day

Here’s how we can live like amazing ant-dividuals as we march along throughout our day.

1. Don’t ever give up.

Have you noticed that when an obstacle is put in front of an ant, say a rock or a deep crater, they do not sit down and dissolve into a session of self-pity? When circumstances block their path, they simply keep going.

Today I watched a small ant take hold of a dead sow bug three times its size and begin to drag it towards the nest. A stick lying in the dirt was a seemingly insurmountable obstacle, but the ant was not giving up. Its little hind legs were kicking up the fine dirt trying to get better traction. The ant went off for a minute or two, then came back to try again, and eventually got that bug over the stick and into the nest, a triumph of persistence!

Whether they take a route around or over that obstacle, they just keep moving tirelessly toward their goal. They do not give up. Ever. Can we learn to be this devoted to our purpose and to give it our best at all times?

2. If the load is too heavy, ask for help.

Think about it, have you ever seen an ant fruitlessly tugging on something that it cannot move? There is no evidence to support that ants overdo it and put out their backs or suffer from emotional exhaustion. Ants know their limits.

Ants do not take on tasks that they cannot handle. If a load is too big to handle alone, the lone ant signals to the others that it needs help. Sometimes it takes a lot of ants to move that bread crust.

Why don’t we do more of this? I’ve tugged on many heavy loads in my life, believing that it was somehow valiant to do it on my own, being either too embarrassed, proud, or scared to simply ask for someone to share the load. Can you relate?

It also feels so good to offer help when someone else is struggling. Whether it be a physical load like bringing in the groceries, or an emotional one like listening whole-heartedly to your spouse even though you‘ve had a long day too; it can be such a graceful act of sharing that makes the whole journey of being human so much easier.

3. Ants without a load make way for ants laden with a burden.

This is how ants practice efficiency. They don’t get in the way of those with heavier burdens. If they are unencumbered at the moment, they give the space to those that need it, making it easier for the path to be utilized. There could be many ways to incorporate this kind of thinking into our lives. Maybe we can make way for others to work out issues the way they need to and not get in their way by over-helping, or making the load heavier by heaping our judgments on their process.

Remember things change. Sometimes we are the ones carrying the burden, sometimes we are the ones travelling light. We all get the chance to play both roles in the ebb and flow of our daily lives.

And for the more practical side of life…

4. Ants think summer in winter, and winter in summer.

Remember the Aesop’s fable The Grasshopper and the Ant? Ants know there are seasons and are not fooled into thinking the present situation is permanent. They are collecting and building throughout the summer when they have abundance and the liberty to do their work even though they might not need the benefits at that particular moment. These are not short-sighted creatures. (And if the fable is to be believed, the same can’t be said for grasshoppers!)

If you have a wood-burning heater, you will know why they do this. You collect the wood in the summer and let it dry. You split and stack it months ahead so when the cold days of winter come, the wood is ready to build a fire for warmth. If you wait until you’re cold to start collecting wood, you just may freeze.

This analogy has parallels in our modern lives. Are we living reactively to the steady onslaught of life’s events, or can we maintain a proactive focus on our life’s goals? At best, it’s a balancing act, living for the moment (be here now) while holding true to the course we set for our future. The ants have mastered this balance, and in so doing may be the most successful species on the planet.

5. Ants don’t waste their energy.

New foragers do not go out to hunt for food unless they receive a certain number of positive interactions from returning foragers. The system is set to go unless interactions turn it negative. In conjunction with that ideology, the system is set to stop unless interactions make it positive. In other words, they go with the flow. Imagine the energy we could save if we just paid attention to what our environment is telling us is working or not working? Imagine if we didn’t try to force our will on something that is clearly not working?

6. Ants share clustered resources.

When ants find a clustered resource (such as your picnic lunch), they don‘t hoard the feast all to themselves. If a scout ant discovers a food resource which provides more than an individual serving, he quickly leaves a trail of pheromones to help the other ants find the shortest path to it thus saving them time to reach it. Generosity and cooperation feed the nest. Hoarding is not practiced by ants. Contrast this with humanity’s income disparity, our own sad legacy.

We’re all in this together

If an ant loses it’s way back to the nest, it does not live long. Like ourselves, the ant is a highly socialized creature that depends on its place within the whole. We need each other and this earth that we walk upon. So please don’t tug on that bread crust alone. And don’t watch someone else do it either. Let’s be like the ants and make reciprocity and a strong sense of community the new norm. I still don’t know what to do about the ants in my kitchen but at least I can be reminded about generosity and selfless devotion to a cause bigger than me. Even if there’s critters stuck in my honey.


Plan way ahead and you’ll have more to reap than you know of.

Charles Chambers
The Luxury King


Building a Billion Dollar Businessn

1. Just like publishers tell rookie writers,  “stick woth what you know.” So as you start of in building a business empire sharpen your skills in your area of expertise.
2. Own your Brand. Relationships are the key stone for success. People invest in people not companies. You are your brand, make sure your brand projects the person you really are.
3. Specific Goals. Everyone needs goals in their life. After setting your goals declare them and work backwards to understand the path to follow in order to achieve it.
4. Develop Executive Presence. Be the kind of leader that other people want to follow.
5. Ask for feedback & act accordingly.
6. Solve problems and serve more and more value.

Charles Chambers is a Global Serial Entrepreneur based in Kenya.

The Ultimate Business Cards.

Author, Business Etiquette Expert and Founder of The Protocol School of Palm Beach.

We may be in the Digital Age, but there’s something about having a physical business card that continues to be useful, particularly when networking and trying to bring on new clients.

When presented the right way, a business card can serve as a powerful branding tool and allow people to quickly remember who you are and what you have to offer.

Use these business cards tips to showcase your professionalism and attention to detail.

Opt for a professional design. Your business card should look consistent with your other printed materials. Generic designs will make your business card blend in with the crowd. Instead choose a design that reflects your personal or professional brand. Hire a reputable designer for the most polished layout.

Prioritize readability over creativity. Decorative, whimsical and heavily styled fonts can be beautiful, but difficult to read. Simple fonts are best. Keep the font size large enough so that potential customers don’t have to squint or take out their glasses to read your contact information.

Choose the layout wisely. The traditional size for business cards is 3.5 inches by 2 inches. Odd or die-cut shapes are memorable but difficult to store. If you print any information on the back, make sure it is vital. For example, a person who does business in the U.S. and Japan may want to have his information printed in English on one side and Japanese on the other.

Avoid garish colors. A pop of color can make your business card stand out, but ensure it stands out for the right reasons. Choose a color that won’t distract from your logo or business information. For easy reading, print text in a dark hue such as black, navy, or a dark shade of gray.

Include multiple ways to contact you. At a minimum you should include three pieces of information: your name, phone number, and e-mail address. If space permits, include your company name, address and website. Fax numbers aren’t as relevant as they once were and can be omitted. It’s also not necessary to print the links to all your social networking sites. The key is to keep it simple, yet professional.

Double-check for typos. Misspellings and errors tarnish your personal brand. Potential customers will judge you on the quality of your business card. Attention to detail is important. Reprint your cards as soon as your information changes. It’s best not to handwrite updated information on the back of your card just to save a few dollars. Your business cards should always be up-to-date.
Never leave home without your business cards. Business cards are called business cards for a reason ? to generate business. Store your cards in a nice holder to keep them fresh and protected. Make it a habit to keep a stack of cards in your car, desk, handbag and briefcase. You never know when a casual encounter may turn into a business opportunity. When you attend business meetings, hand the receptionist your card each time so he or she can announce your name and company properly.

Don’t hand someone your card too early in a conversation. In most cases, it’s best to wait for someone to request your card before giving it out. If you offer your card too early in the conversation, you may appear too forward or pushy. Build a rapport and offer your card before you finish your conversation. To segue say, “May I give you my card?” Hand the recipient your business card with the words facing their direction. When you receive someone’s business card, show interest and take a moment to read it over before putting it away.

Use business cards to remember names. If you’re in a meeting and you’ve just exchanged business cards with others in the room, place the cards on the table in front of you so you can remember names and distinguish who is speaking.

Serial Entrepreneur

The Rules of Wealth.

Getting to the top is a series of bolts & nuts cork & screw….. We all want to get to the top the only way we know how is through covulted versions. I’ll pass on some lessons from my mentor.
1. The Mind.
In early stages of my blog I have incessantly emphasised on the mind it is the greatest hub of development as I believe.
2. Brand You.
Brand yourself because business is all about relationships. Success comes to the man who can connect idea to plan to execution. This is only possible when and only when the owner of an idea is keen on having a legion of influential friends and having such key people equals having a winning personality the can resonate with. That’s your brand.
3. Win your battles before you have fought them.
Napoleon always insisted that the best armies are those that win the battle in the training grounds. Work on been the best there is. Achievers say “be the best money can buy.” ISTI a company I highly honour puts it this way, “when the customer doesn’t see value, they see price”
4. Confidence.
Anything great you have will crumble like a mud house if you don’t have the confidence and courage to take you & your brand to the next level. Believe in you and everyone else will.
5. Your Appearance is as important.
Good suits and dressing is key. Wearing faded clothes is as sure as been put on the waiting list. Great dressing will put you on another level the winning circle and this my friend are people who are never on the waiting list, the are always on the priority list.
6. Take control of your own Responsibility.
Take a look at the persn in the mirror every morning and say “You (pointing at the person in the mirror) are the only reason between success & failure & there’s no in between.” God himself hates 50/50 people.
7. Think & Win Big.
Daymond John (Founder & CEO of FUBU) says, “It takes the same effort to dream big as it is to dream small.” Thinking big is as sure as winning big because there’s no way you will win big if you thought small in the first place.
8. Be the Man not the Odds.
We all can use logic to sell a product,  those who adjust to emotional intelligence gathered in regards to their prospects will come out on top.
9. Keep your composure.
Pressure makes diamonds only when one doesn’t let the pressure get to them.
10. Make others successful and add Value and you too wil be.
11. Winners Make No Excuses, when the otherside plays the game.
12. Always fix Problems the best way possible.

The Magical Formula for Winning.

“From the historians we get to learn what not to do and what to do better, ” Jordan Belford. Do you read Napoleon’s war conquests or fall of  Mairia Antoinette?  Valuable lessons that have immense value.
Marc Lamonas taught me a lot on how to save failing businesses and build an empire out of saving and correcting some minor details;

1. People
Ensure you have an A-Team. This are the people who are required in order to keep the proverbial wheels turning. Constantly audit your people and keep them in check. If you only bother with them when there is a customer complaint or other problem you’re in for big trouble. Train your people frequently, know their level of satisfaction and have methods in place to determine their attitudes and efficiency.

2. Process.
It all starts at the conception stage product/service development then moves along to hiring of employees, marketing, accounting etc. Simply think of all that’s required for a business plan.
Get audited for your process. Identify a winning model that works for your company and constantly check on your process to ensire it’s efficiency.

3. Product.
Ensure you re keen on quality,  branding and having a winning strategy. Tweak the process and the people involved with the product. With a successful product you’ve won.

Serial Entrepreneur

The Magic Questions.

In business creativity we all hit a slump. The in-evitable desert of lack of creativity.  It happens but it can become quite in the past if we ask ourselves some key questions that will force us to become quite creative. They include;
1. What do you want to improve? The question is always what can I improve about my product’s aspects or is it generally.

2. What is the problem Objective, Problem or Goal?
I used to have an issue with maintaining my goals. I used to reach somewhere and felt complacency since it was kind of my comfort zone. This question forced me to think harder and broader.

3. What is the Present Condition/Situation.
Where is the tide of trends at which commodity is trending and how can I get my product there.

4. Who or what caused it?  Why? When? Where? How?
This expounds on your new found idea on present condition. This is key especially if you think of it from a business sense.

5. What,  may/can/should/must be done about it?
We ought to consider if the way forward is do able in what urgency if it is to be done instantly or with considerations or with utmost caution.

6. Who should do it?

7. Why is an improvement needed? When?
8. How do you think the object, Product, Plan, method should be improved.

9. In what way can the improvement be made more desirable or better.

10. Can what you want be made compact.

11. Can you make improvements by decreasing number of parts or increasing or maintaining.

12. Improvements by combining. Combining a system of works such as in am assembly line certain functions to be done at one point.

13. What can you add to improve value
This brings about terms such as value pack. Value added etc.

14. What can you eliminate to improve efficiency.

15. Can you improve by increasing speed

16. Can you improve by improving safety,  quality and decreasing rejects by reducing speed

17. How can you maintain a strong team

18. Can you make what you want to improve easier to obtain, use, apply.
This is by simplifying and making it less expensive.

19. How can one magnify desirable qualities.

20. Can one improve distribution and supply location.

Make it a routine and it will became an unconscious thought process. This is key in ascertaining if it so happens.

Serial Entrepreneur

Money & Mind Relationship.

We tend to do the exact opposite of our expectations or desires either consciously or sub-consciously. It is said that the mind (as we had originally pressed about) is the hub of every innovation. We later discussed about Money perceptions.
Today we will combine the two and see how money and the mind co-relate and co-exist creating a realm of thought producing behaviour that ends up in a successful person “wealth wise”
1. Begin by Changing Yourself.
Where you have reached is surely not where you have always wanted to be. So if you wanna become a millionaire or billionaire change within is necessitated. This is in overall bettering yourself to be one who attracts better associates who will help you attain your goal.
2. Clear Limiting Beliefs.
Write all your thoughts about money. Look out for words that you may use that reflect limitation in your mind e.g “You can’t Afford it” it’s hard to make money in this Economy” among other negative phrases also expressions such as  “Stinking Rich” that put money in the negative this makes you develop Money Blocks and once you are aware of them clean them out. Write an opposite statement next to the negative one.

3. Have Affirmations.
Regularly enforce positive thoughts about money. This is by saying phrases such as “I feel rich.” Say it till you believe it.

4. Dream Big.
Create a movie like picture of the kind of life you want. Imagine the mansions and also the cars among other items you so desire. & soon enough you’ll begin to attract ideas, resources, people, events who will help & facilitate achievement of your money and other goals

5. Be Ready to Pay the Price first for receiving money.
Equip yourself with: the best degree, hard work and specialised skill then you will be rewarded accordingly. Resently I met an Icon Churchill. He leaves home at 4/5am for a radio show, at 7 he is at Carnivore bearing in mind he has ran errands practically the whole day, leaves carnivores at 11pm/12am then at 4/5am he’s in for the radio show. Dj Joe Mfalme has mastered the art of crowd entertaining he isn’t just a Dj he is a crowd puller (quite good at it),  and he keeps you entertained. The list goes on and on Warren Buffet, David Guetta, P.Diddy(Sean Combs) this are people who have a reputation for working till late and with every ounce in their been. Follow suite.

6. Have a goal and clear Vision
The universe is willing to give you what you want but you have to be specific on what you want and be willing to pay for it. Simply put “law of course and effect.”

7. Let Money circulate freely. Don’t restrict the flow of money by hoarding it.
Like energy it can’t be chained it needs to move freely in order to sustain itself. Holding back payments due to others by clinging tightly prevents the free flow of energy, and thus the flow of money. The advantage of doing this it opens a supply source of money, you will also be sending a signal to your subconscious that,  “you have belief and positive faith in abudance.
Now you know. Go forth and speak and act accordingly and the rain of prosperity will pour unto you.
P.s no B.S

Serial Entrepreneur

Relating With Money.

I used to remember been told, “always keep your next move under you sleeve and in your head and nowhere near your mouth. ” That alone was a money principle that I hadn’t obeyed for quite a while till I started doing business. I’ll share with you 10more.
1. Think of Money as a Universal Power. Money wants to be related to as a foundational support for possibilities.
2. Relate to it as a means not a end. Money more or else is a means. Means to you driving that Porsche means to you buying that house means to you doing so much more.
3. Don’t be Possessed. Don’t be Possessed about money such that when there is a lack you feel un easy and when there’s abudance you feel complacent let it never change you at all.
4. Don’t Chase it. Just like a lady money loves to be attracted so don’t chase money but appreciate principles of success.
5. See it’s Higher Purpose. Not only see money but also what you will get when you attain wealth.
6. Be Organized. Organization allows for the free flow of money. This allows one to work efficiently and also show desire to succeed. Passion is also evident in organization.
7. Have money goals and absorb oneself in the process that Generates it.
8. Let money flow. Don’t hoard it. The reason why spenders are never short of money is because they obey money’s unique law either consciously or unconsciously.
9. Show Enthusiasm about Work. Be enthusiastic about what you do show passion in it through and through and in a short while you will succeed.
10. Faith. Show faith throughout and let it not waiver at all. This will keep you in sync with what goal you want to achieve.

Serial Entrepreneur

Becoming The Wolf of Your Street.

Many have traversed many institutions in order to gain the expertise to dorminate their industries. This is quite possible if only you do it the right way.
1. Execute on Ideas. Identify what that your competition is not offering and execute on it. Take a piece of paper and list down all that you have noticed your competition is not doing and know how you can fill the gap.
2. Simplify. Jargons and mambo jambos seem as the norm but the minute you simply everything from your process to the product and systems you will be way ahead.
3. Put Together a Loyal Team. Family members are not the only people who will give you undying loyalty but also friends who you will offer them something and you will not only earn their undying loyalty but fierce loyalty like Kenny Greene and Danny Porush had for Jordan Belfort.
4. Diversify Competence. Get someone who complements you on skill and weaknesses. This will enable you two to be a great combination.
5. Dress for Success. Simply: Dress like the person you want to meet.
6. Gather Intelligence on Rivals and Competition. (Rivals & Competition).
Befriend people from the competition’s fold they may be employees and get intel on their next move and be able to execute before the competition.
7. Guard Your Intelligence. Guard your winning factor. This has put businesses such as coke ahead of the fact. Retain and guard fiercely what you do better than your competition from them. This keeps you ahead of the pack.
8. Create a Brand. This entails your core values,  reputation for domething; quality, timelines among others.
9. As a leader, lead by example. Jordan Belfort(Wolfie) emphasised on certain things but also kept it going by doing it himself.
10. Keep People dependent on you. Keeping people dependent on you is a sure winner. You’ll retain powerful and strong team. Who will not be poached by the competition
11. Provide Incentives for Hard Work. Napoleon Bonaparte said, “men love toys”
Many successful people rewarded their team. This raises their morale to work for you.

Serial Entrepreneur

The Ways To Extreme Achievement.

Peter Voogd taught me somewhat valuable insight on what to do different from the Successful people. Here are the things you should and shouldn’t be doing in order to get to the top.

Stop doing dumb stuff. Watching T.V the whole day and you wanna become the most successful businessman not even a script writter is a shame you should probably re-organize your mindset.
Doing Dumb stuff also includes not been on course with your goals and targets,  for sure this will get you loses and not goals.

Having clarity of mindBe clear on what you want. Wanting to make a million dollars is not a goal it is a lie to yourself. On the other hand, Wanting to make 5million dollars, a month in 5 years is a sure goal. Note that this has thre elements; the amount – fixed inclusive of currency, the frequency, and deadline. This will give the mind and forces of the earth something to work on.

Confidence. Set big goals for they will push you to heights you couldn’t imagine. It will also place you ahead of the pack. Your mind and earth vibrational forces will work and put you on the roller-coaster to success. It also leads to betterment in the long term.

Circle of Influence. Who’s your buddy. Ninety percent of your time should be with those who put you on toes in regards to your goals nothing else. So the five (5) people who you spend your day with should be key in achieving you set objectives. This is in terms of vision drive and their own achievements. If you stay with lepers you will find you begin to limp.

Consistency of Energy and Motivation. Find a way to motivate yourself and re boost your drive and energy. This will keep you feeling vibrant and focused.

Have a Ritual. What works for you and what doesn’t. A ritual is a series or sequence of actions that enable one to achieve a certain objective. Running in the morning clears my head right after I blog. Maybe yours will be working between set timelines. We are all different but a success oriented ritual is a sure thing.

Continual Growth. Have no complacency and always keep your eyes on the six musts. This will enable you to be sure of your expectations and be set on achieving your goals and re setting new ones. This will give you that edge that few can attain.

Serial Entrepreneur