Building a Billion Dollar Businessn

1. Just like publishers tell rookie writers,  “stick woth what you know.” So as you start of in building a business empire sharpen your skills in your area of expertise. 2. Own your Brand. Relationships are the key stone for success. People invest in people not companies. You are your brand, make sure your brand projects the person you really are. 3. Specific Goals. Everyone … Continue reading Building a Billion Dollar Businessn

The Ultimate Business Cards.

JACQUELINE WHITMORE CONTRIBUTOR Author, Business Etiquette Expert and Founder of The Protocol School of Palm Beach. We may be in the Digital Age, but there’s something about having a physical business card that continues to be useful, particularly when networking and trying to bring on new clients. When presented the right way, a business card can serve as a powerful branding tool and allow people … Continue reading The Ultimate Business Cards.

The Magical Formula for Winning.

“From the historians we get to learn what not to do and what to do better, ” Jordan Belford. Do you read Napoleon’s war conquests or fall of  Mairia Antoinette?  Valuable lessons that have immense value. Marc Lamonas taught me a lot on how to save failing businesses and build an empire out of saving and correcting some minor details; 1. People Ensure you have … Continue reading The Magical Formula for Winning.

Money & Mind Relationship.

We tend to do the exact opposite of our expectations or desires either consciously or sub-consciously. It is said that the mind (as we had originally pressed about) is the hub of every innovation. We later discussed about Money perceptions. Today we will combine the two and see how money and the mind co-relate and co-exist creating a realm of thought producing behaviour that ends … Continue reading Money & Mind Relationship.