Business Lessons From Floyd Mayweather

For the next few months I will let inside what made all the successful names in various industries and let  you know on what it takes to from the hustle to balling
This week we start of with Floyd Mayweather
Success Lessons From Floyd Mayweather.

Love or loathe the flamboyant Floyd “Money” Mayweather, there is a lot we can all learn from his meteoric success in and out of the ring.
There’s no ignoring what he’s managed to achieve not only in rising to the top of arguably one of the world’s toughest sports (mentally and physically), but as a businessman with his ever-thriving empire.
But many see Floyd Mayweather’s massive success today, or any other highly successful person for that matter, and may not realize what really goes on behind the scenes to make it happen.
It’s not just pure talent, which he undoubtedly has in spades, and luck has nothing to do with it.

Despite what your opinion of him is, there’s much we can learn from the boxing star about  achieving success in business  and life, and the following 5 success lessons are the underlying principles behind his accomplishments.
Keep these things in mind as you pursue our own path to success and prosperity.

1. Ditch The One-Night Stands
Mayweather’s doesn’t put on a show, he puts on a spectacle; he doesn’t do big, he does over-the-top. But it’s not just for one night, he’s done it for over eighteen years.
If you want to be known as spectacular, you need to keep showing up, keep producing, and keep raising the bar. Reputations aren’t built overnight, they’re built over years. Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.
Nobody brags about being a one-hit wonder.
2) Unwavering Self Belief
The unshakeable belief that Floyd Mayweather has in himself and his potential is the foundation of all his achievements. All of his dedication, hard work and sacrifice stem from this strong, never-ending belief.
If you look closely at any great success story you’ll see the same thing – it all started as a vision in their minds, a vision that they FULLY believed in with every fibre in their being.
If you believe something strongly enough, and for long enough, your actions will start to catch up with your dominating thoughts and your vision will very likely become your reality. If you’ve heard the saying “brainwash yourself to success” before, this exactly what it means.
Whether Mayweather is the greatest boxer of all time or not is something that could be argued all day long (and is in forums and on social media), it doesn’t matter to him because he truly believes he is a great and amazing things have sprouted from this belief.
Greatness truly does start in the mind – it’s not something that just magically falls in your lap. It must be carefully planned for in advance and reinforced in your mind over and over again.
“Do you think I gave up my whole life just to say there’s someone better than me out there? Absolutely not.” – Floyd Mayweather
3) Dedication to Mastery
To become a true great in any chosen field and rise over your competition, you must maintain an intense focus over the long haul to master your craft – whatever it may be.
Floyd Mayweather fans and haters alike can all agree on one thing – there’s no denying his incessant, intense work ethic to becoming a stronger, smarter and better boxer.
Mayweather may sometimes portray a party bachelor lifestyle, but behind the scenes he is a true machine and sets a very high standard of hard work for others to follow.
His discipline is constant, he trains like a man possessed, eats a very strict diet, doesn’t drink alcohol, and doesn’t gain some weight in-between fights like many boxers do.
Mayweather is also forever a student of boxing, constantly tweaking, improving, analyzing his techniques and strategies, and bettering himself in and out of the ring. His fluidity and ability to continually adapt is a huge reason why he has stayed at the very top of his game for so long.
4) Always Stay Hungry
What separates the good from the great, the successful from the highly successful, the Mayweathers from the long-list of “good” boxers?
It all comes down to superior desire and drive. When some athletes, musicians, actors, business-people and other successful people reach a certain level of success they can become complacent and lose some of their drive.
But the true greats retain their relentless attitude to keep pushing their limits to see what’s possible and go down in history forever.
Floyd Mayweather has more money that he knows what to do with, has accomplished more in his sport than most in history, yet his hunger is still as intense today as someone who is just starting out from the bottom.
5) Have an A Team
On camera you always hear Floyd talking about his deep appreciation for his loyal, hard-working and talented team.
He has said many times there’s no way he would have achieved what he has without the people around him, his trainers, his support group, and his business associates who’ve helped him to build his thriving business empire.
Look closely at ANY big success story in any area of life and you will see the same thing – there’s always a close knit team of good people focused on the same vision, all with varying skills and knowledge to bring to the table.
If you want to  achieve great success  in whatever you do, you NEED a trusted team and quality support group of advisers, managers and experts that compliment your own strengths.
You can’t do it all alone, and bringing in great people to help you will propel you much faster towards your overall vision.
6) A Never Give Up Attitude
Last but definitely not least, a look behind the curtains of any “nothing to something” success story wouldn’t be complete without mentioning sheer tenacity and will. It is a true foundation of any worthy achievement.
Tenacity is something Floyd Mayweather has in spades.
You may look at his current undefeated record and think he’s had a nice smooth ride to the top, but it’s been far from that. He has had to overcome much adversity along the way, and many obstacles in life before his boxing career ever started.
No matter what he went through, he never gave up on his dream to become the best at what he does and to also achieve great business success.
If you want to become successful, the most important thing you could ever do is firmly resolve that you’ll never give up no matter what happens and embracing any adversity. Adopting this champion mindset will get you what you want in due time. Love him or hate him, there’s no ignoring his success. Both inside and outside the ring.
With his second win over Maidana, he takes his undefeated record to 47-0, and will be remembered as one of history’s pound-for-pound greatest boxers.
And,  He’s the highest paid athlete in the world , topping Forbes’ list for the second time. When you see Warren Buffet at his training sessions, you know the man is bigger than just boxing.
Talent is Nothing Without Work
When his daughter was asked what’s the biggest lesson she’s learned being around her father? She responded, “that hard work pays off.”
No doubt Floyd Mayweather has talent, but if he hadn’t worked on that talent from the age of five, there’s no way he’d be the athlete he is. 
Many talented boxers walk into his gym, the only ones that get his attention are the ones that survive “dog-house rules,” a gruelling sparring session without any breaks.
Talent without hard work is like an amazing singer—who never sings. Hard work makes the potential, actual. Be Bigger Than Your Circumstances
Floyd’s father was thrown in prison for dealing cocaine. His mother suffered with drug addiction. At one stage, seven of his family members were sleeping in a one bedroom apartment without any heating or hot water.
According to statistics, Mayweather should’ve ended up in prison. But he chose to be bigger than statistics and bigger than his circumstances. 
As the saying goes, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.” There were a million influences leading him to water, but ultimately he chose not to drink. He chose to hold onto his dream and not be derailed from turning it into reality.
We may not always have power over what happens to us, but we always have power over how we choose to respond.
5. Cutting Your Own Grass
The reason Floyd Mayweather tops Forbes’ list of highest-paid athletes is because he pockets two pay-checks: one as fighter and another as promoter. 
Most boxers sign themselves under a promoter. Mayweather is signed to himself: Mayweather Promotions. It’s no doubt more work—taking on the advertising, publicity, and logistics, but the payoffs set him apart. 
Success lies in doing more than necessary. When it comes down to it, nobody will look after your own house like you do; nobody will care as much about your business as yourself. While there’s nothing wrong with outsourcing work, Mayweather shows us the other end—that it can be very profitable to take on the extra work ourselves.
Most importantly. Work Hard, Play Hard
While his opponents are sleeping, Mayweather often heads out at midnight for an intense 12-mile run followed with cycling. He also woke up at 1am to go shoe shopping, and bought 12 pairs.
If anything matches Mayweather’s extreme training, it’s his extreme partying. With private jets, fleets of luxury cars, including a couple of Bugatti Veyrons, and more watches than minutes in a day, extravagance is an understatement.
Those closest to him say that, for an elite athlete, he sure knows how to have fun. It’s not only possible, but necessary—all work no play will make anyone insane. Labouring, without enjoying the fruits of your labour, will lead to burnout.
Floyd Mayweather shows us that sustained success is a balance of discipline and celebration. 
Living the dream will be blood, sweat, and tears, but it should also be champagne, hot-tubs, and hotels. 

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