The Power of Numbers.

Across millenniums and decades. Nations,  companies, Leaders and business have been differentiated by the people they have around them. That is the power of numbers. More people equals more power.
Marcus Lemonis put it clearly and emphasizes the importance of people for business success. But making sure you have the right people working for you is common knowledge. He takes it a step further by showing business owners why it’s not only just critical to have the right people but also having them in the right roles as well. In one instance the company’s founder had a trusted family member in a key sales position. But this person wasn’t really a good fit for the sales position—the company had the right person in the wrong job.
It is also important to create an “enabling” environment for your employees(people) to ensure they can perform at their best for your company. A dysfunctional company is whereby the owner has a caring, thoughtful and dedicated team who are constantly insulted, berated and belittled by the boss. And guess what will happen;  “they’ll leave-flee” Having the right people in place isn’t going to lead to success if they’re in an environment where they’re made to feel like failures. “The beatings will continue until morale improves.”
So easily stated work with the right people, in the rigjt positions and as richard Branson states it, let them have room for flexing their creativity  “muscle. ”
If only Napoleon’s enemies knew this they would have won battles and not become a statistic like the other “concurred nations’/acquired territory. ”

Serial Entreprenure


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