The Power of Belief

They said the power of faith made a whole bunch of people succeed; Donald Trump, Muhammad Ali, Floyd Mayweather, Jesus Christ among others.
This is why I wrote a note to self:

Dear Charles,
I want you to know the grind will be an uphill task. The pain might exceed the pleasure the joy will wane like a candle to the breeze. The motivation and vision may get hazy at times. But always remember that let not a moment of passion be left un-used and that when the time is ripe you will harness the power of your vision and that the cries & smiles & worries will be in Bugatti’s & là Ferrari’s, mansions and office towers. Keep strong the hustle is real and not faked but the dream is everlasting and will be worth “quadruples” of the hustle. Don’t give up. faremo una milioni di multi spiccioli( we will make a million chump change)

Best Regards.
Future self.

Serial Entrepenure


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