Power of Your Image.

Achievers, go getters, the lords and tycoons had one thing: “Their names and reputation preceded them. That’s an image.


But let us admit that you haven’t built such an outstanding reputation. So what is your image now?

What’s entailed in your Business Image:
Have the right tools.
Take for instance an Interior Designer, she will have the obligation to arrive at the clients place with the relevany equipment. What’s a preacher without a bible physically or on a Tab. An I.T guy who hasn’t invested in a state of the art machinery withing his budget.
When I started a dog breeding which is now a pet lifestyle business I sought to always to have the best in the flock. I got conned once in a while (bad for business) but also I was known as you want dog’s that have a legacy of re known parents pple used to come to me. Well I moved on to knew and bigger business passions I had and it’s doing me great.

Dress code,  dress impeccably well. Invest in good clothing – especially for business people, for other industries simply look at the icons of that industry and emulate them

Mannerisms – Universally a moderate temper and Politness with a show of HUMILITY not TIMIDITY will get you places.

Learn to discern – Know when someone is Using you to Further their interest,  and when someone places you as a team to both sides’ success. Be no Intern

Master your territory – know all there is about your industry. Both book knowledge and street knowledge and don’t be too perfect and rigid get to flex a bit by building an Empire we have to ensure we are keen on trends that are up coming and implement them.

Listen to your gut instincts it will always warn you and show you when it is time to walk away or when to act a dummy or when to cut all links.

Now you know. Go out there and make it the Chambers way.


Serial Entrepenure


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