The One Guarantee for Success.

I remember way back when,  the days when Grand Theft Auto was relatively new in the market and all you wanted was cheat codes in order to turn circumstances in you favour.
On the other hand in every sector of life there are people who have walked the desert you are about to and many more are coming behind you. So one needs to be way ahead of the pack and not only that but also be well set apart from in terms of excellence.
A Mentor with both experience and relevance in your desired field.
The most notable benefits of a mentor includes :
They give a tried and tested method of success only that you jave to incorporate it with the right modifications to your industry or craft.
They open doors for you. A mentor’s referral is a sure way of leading in your set field. They’ll earn you more business than issuing business cards as it is earned publicity and most trusted source by most high achievers.
They will give you lemon as it is and not Lemon juice but will go the extra mile of letting you know how to go about fixing your problems.
They will guide you in nurturing your minds for a higher purpose.
Lastly and most importantly, the will give you the tricks to use in order to get ahead and stay ahead of the park.

In order for a successful relationship
Be a listener and not a know it all
Be willing to admit failures and correct them.
Set goals together because you guys are a team and it work well with you in the long run.
Be willing to put in your share (incredibly large of it) of effort in order to both show contribution to the goal
Lastly change. The only in-evitable thing will be change so we need to set ourselves fresher goals so if you had a goal to be the best preacher regionally and you attain it set a newer goal.
All will be well

Serial Entrepenure


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