The Mind #2

In my last publication I told you on 17 ways to harness the power of mind whereby we create a mental state that supports wealth creation.
It takes 21days in a human been to break their habits pattern and several more trying to replace it. On the other hand psychologist say that we need to develop parallel habit that will be replaced to the old one such that when we have reached the 21day mark we have just 69more days to have a new better/upgraded habit.
Both methods work but the latter method takes a slightly shorter time to break and meak a new habit. This is relatively easier and more sure way of succeeding.
I remember when I started my 1st business, I was told, “as long as your mind isn’t right, nothing will go right, seem right or work your way because your mind ain’t right and it’s not set for wealth but nothing.
Take heed and you’ll be successful within no time.
Carpe Diem
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