The Mind

Some people have the skill but only attain certain level of wealth and success. On the other hand there are those in comparison of skill are not that good but succeed all the same.
The number one source of success in form of sense of direction determination or fueling motivation is through the mind. Joan Snyder a millenial expert, speaker and consultant stated that first step is declaring to yourself specific goals and work backwards to understanding the path to achieving it.
The laws to abide by in brief are from the book by T Harv Eker  “The Millionaire Mind”.  This will enable you set your mind and succeed at it.
1. Avoid blame games, justifying and complaining and proximity of complainers.
2. Play the money game to win by been on the offence and striving for wealth.
3. Devotedness to being rich and successful. Put it in your morning prayers, sing it and you will start believing it.
4. Think and dream big. Focus on huge ideas and strive towards them.
5. Admire other rich and successful people don’t despise them
6. Admire other successful pple
7. Associate with positive successful people
8.  Promote yourself and your value
9. Be bigger than your problems
10. Be an excellent receiver. When someone complements you for something say thank you don’t be in a hurry tobbounce it back.
11. Be paid based on results and value you bring not on time.
12.  Think both not either or. Most successful people think on how they can acquire two things at once.
13. Focus on net worth
14. Manage my money well. Have principles in order to maintain money well.
15. Have money working hard for me
16. Act in spite of fear. Let not fear paralyze your efforts of been or reaching for greatness
17. Constantly learn and grow.

Once you implement this 17 rules you will be have concurred yourself and harness your mind power. So when you want to hang with complainers day in day out know you will be aborting or Killing your dream, and you may end up poor as grave. Also if you feel the urge to complain just know you are just messed up since you want to crash the biggest magnet in the world, the mind.
Take a paper write your goals dont be mean think way beyond, look at those goals when you rise and sleep.
Look up to great leaders. My examples are Napoleon Bonaparte, Teddy Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln and see the magnificent mind power this guys had and that enable the achieve greatness. It’s your time as the weekend strikes. Do 3 things
1. Assess your goals and aspirations
2. Evaluate yourself – am I woth the right crowd or not
3. Act accordingly. Cut the weights and embrace the game changers in your life.
Personally this has worked for me, simply because
1. I won’t stay around you while you complaining or talking negativity
2. I focus 99% of my time on my goals. The rest is hazy
3. I embrace been around my kind the lions,  wolfs and sharks. In whichever industry; mining, Housing, Manufacturing among others and it is working so damn well for me.
Why not make it work for you.



Get out there and bring the house down on your dreams.


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