Business Lessons From Floyd Mayweather

For the next few months I will let inside what made all the successful names in various industries and let  you know on what it takes to from the hustle to balling This week we start of with Floyd Mayweather Success Lessons From Floyd Mayweather. Love or loathe the flamboyant Floyd “Money” Mayweather, there is a lot we can all learn from his meteoric success … Continue reading Business Lessons From Floyd Mayweather

The Power of Numbers.

Across millenniums and decades. Nations,  companies, Leaders and business have been differentiated by the people they have around them. That is the power of numbers. More people equals more power. Marcus Lemonis put it clearly and emphasizes the importance of people for business success. But making sure you have the right people working for you is common knowledge. He takes it a step further by … Continue reading The Power of Numbers.

The Trick That’s Sets Winners and Whinners Apart.

Thomas Edison made over 2,000 attempts before successfully creating the light bulb. Each time he kept what worked, discarded what didn’t and tried something different. Jordan Belfort was sucked from his Wall Street Job but he kept on to it and became “The Wolf of Wall Street” 1. Arianna Huffington got rejected by 36 publishers. It’s hard to believe that one of the most recognizable names … Continue reading The Trick That’s Sets Winners and Whinners Apart.

Power of Your Image.

Achievers, go getters, the lords and tycoons had one thing: “Their names and reputation preceded them. That’s an image. But let us admit that you haven’t built such an outstanding reputation. So what is your image now? What’s entailed in your Business Image: Have the right tools. Take for instance an Interior Designer, she will have the obligation to arrive at the clients place with … Continue reading Power of Your Image.

The Mind #2

In my last publication I told you on 17 ways to harness the power of mind whereby we create a mental state that supports wealth creation. It takes 21days in a human been to break their habits pattern and several more trying to replace it. On the other hand psychologist say that we need to develop parallel habit that will be replaced to the old … Continue reading The Mind #2